Blue Sky Gear FlexWare Bucket

After a desperate attempt at washing in a basin with no plug (and only cold water) after a hard day of hiking on the Harkerville Coastal Hike, we bought the handy Blue Sky Gear FlexWare Bucket.

This collapsible bucket is constructed from flexible BPA-free plastic reinforced with a sturdy plastic base, rim and carrying handle. It holds 5 litres and is heat-resistant.

We use it to carry water, hold warm water for washing ourselves — or anything else for that matter — whilst camping or on the trail! The site claims it is “Heat resistant silicone can withstand temperatures up to 149 degrees” — I confirmed with Cape Union Mart that this is fahrenheit which means 65°C for us Seffricans!

The bucket is by no means the lightest option: at 160g the more expensive Travel Sink is far lighter than the 358g Bucket.

R199.00 @ Cape Union Mart

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