Bat Run 2010

The 2010 Bat Run took place on Saturday, 27 February 2010.


This night run takes place annually on Table Mountain. Starting at 19h00, participants run through the night, starting and ending at the TMNP Information Kiosk at the Kloof Nek circle parking lot.

The course follows Tafelberg Road to the zig-zags up to Devil’s Peak Saddle, and on up to summit Devils’ Peak. Runners will then follow Tafelberg Road back to the bottom of Platteklip Gorge, before ascending Table Mountain, and heading for Maclear’s Beacon and back.

From the base of Platteklip, the route leads back down to Kloof Nek, and across to Lion’s Head. Runners will ascend Lion’s Head, and then finish off by returning to the starting point at Kloof Nek.

Entering a trail run appears to be as difficult as actually completing one — I guess its just possible the organizers are trying to dissuade the faint-of-heart!

  1. Join this Yahoo! Group:
  2. Download the entry form
  3. Pay your entry fee
  4. Email your completed entry form and deposit confirmation to the event organizers
  5. Hope you make the cut-off — entries are limited to 100 places!

Entries closed on Friday, 12 February 2010.

My 2010 Run

Lion's Head waiting patiently
Lion’s Head waiting patiently

Saturday was a hot, breezy Cape Town summer’s day. I arrived at 17h30 to start getting myself into the right headspace, to get some advice from the veterans, and hydrate.

The general feeling was that the weather would be great for a night on the mountain, and there were some relief as previous races had apparently been run in pretty stormy, wet weather!

I chose to run in my long-sleeved CAPESTORM Finish Line top, CAPESTORM Kinetic shorts, and Hi-Tec Trail shoes. My CamelBak Octane XC was packed with HammerGels, snacks, extra headlamp, and some plasters and other medical kit.

Participants arrived, registered, prepped race packs, the race briefing was held, and at 19h00, about 100 runners headed on up Tafelberg Road.

By the time we had summited Devil’s Peak, it was dark, and it was time to put on the headlamps. The descent into The Saddle is loose and rocky, and it was challenging just to stay on your feet! The rest of the descent via the zig-zags was quick and comfortable, and we were soon back on the tar of Tafelberg Road, heading to the Platteklip check-point.

Bat Run registration
Bat Run registration

I took my time at the base of Platteklip, re-filling my CamelBak, and having a snack — and generally trying to mentally prepare myself for the big challenge of the night: getting to the top of Platteklip Gorge without blowing! Just short of 50 minutes later, I was up. One of the highlights of the race was looking across to Devil’s Peak and seeing the headlamps of the participants snaking down like a Christmas lights.

It was windy and a bit cooler on top of Table Mountain. It was time to run again, and it took just under 30 minutes to sign in at the Maclear’s check-point and get back to the top of Platteklip. By now the full moon was high enough to be able to run the easier sections without a headlight. The Platteklip descent was long, painful, and exhausting. I was pleased to hit the at at the bottom and head along Tafelberg Road toward the last peak, Lion’s Head.

I have done Lion’s Head many, many times, but nothing could prepare me for doing it after completing the first two peaks! I seriously just had to put my head down for this one!

I completed the race in 05:15:00: here are the splits for my 300 minute effort!

  1. 61 minutes to summit Devil’s Peak
  2. 24 minutes to get back to the base of Platteklip
  3. 49 minutes to summit Platteklip
  4. 15 minutes to get to Maclear’s Beacon
  5. 14 minutes to get back to Platteklip
  6. 33 minutes to get back down to Tafelberg Road
  7. 21 minutes to get to the base of Lion’s Head
  8. 48 minutes to summit Lion’s Head
  9. 35 minutes to get back down to the finish at Kloof Nek

The temperature when I left post-race beers at 02h30 was still just over 27°C!

Check the route on My Google Map.


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