Back Country Cuisine Freeze Dri Meals

I want to make it abundantly clear that these Back Country Cuisine Freeze Dri meals are absolutely delicious. Period. I don’t mean they are great as far as instant freeze-dried meals go, I mean delicious, period!

Beef and Pasta Hotpot from Back Country Cuisine
Beef and Pasta Hotpot from Back Country Cuisine

On our two-day Cederberg hike and our two-day Groot Winterhoek hike we decided to try out some freeze-dried meals. Whilst I am a fan of carrying as little as possible when hiking, I am an even bigger fan of eating, and whilst I didn’t want to go hungry, I didn’t want to have to carry heavy ingredients and space consuming utensils. All you have to do to prepare the meals is to boil up some water, slice the top of the foilene bag open, pour in the required amount of boiling water, give it a really good stir (some of the ingredients are powdered & tend to settle in the bottom corners of the packet), reseal the bag, and wait a few moments.

So far we have tried the Pasta Vegetariano, Thai Chicken Curry, Beef and Pasta Hotpot and Honey Soy Chicken. The Beef and Pasta Hotpot is the only one so far that I would not choose again: the beef taste was not great and the pasta did not seem to reconstitute that well.

The portions are fairly spot-on: a 2 person serving is easily enough for 2 adults. I see on the Back Country Cuisine Freeze Dri site that the meals are available in 1-serving and 5-serving packs as well, but I have not seen those available here in South Africa.

As a bonus: there is no washing up — just a super-light packet to add to your garbage stash.

R90.00 @ Cape Union Mart (some flavours are less expensive)
R97.00 @ Mountain Mail Order
R109.95 @ Outdoor Warehouse
R119.00 @ Due South

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