Asics X-Treme Trail Run Montagu Mountain Mania 2010

Last weekend I went to run the 17 km Asics X-Treme Trail Run in Montagu.

The 10th annual Montagu Mountain Mania Outdoor Adventure festival (M3 for short!), took place Saturday, 15 May 2010. This year’s Montagu Mountain Mania Asics X-treme Trail Running events were divided into the following 3 categories:

  • 17 km (08h00)
  • 10km (08h30)
  • 4km fun run (0845)

I ran the 17km route. All distances started and finished in the parking lot outside the Avalon Springs. The route took us up Badkloof, following the course of the river over some sandy, and some rocky ground. We crossed the river a couple of times, sometimes on well placed sand-bags, and sometimes over rickety little  wooden bridges.

Upon reaching the other end of Badkloof, we turned right up the kloof behind Die Meulhuis. This is actually the beginning of the two hikes in the area: Bloupunt, and Cogman’s Kloof. A short while later the trail climbed steeply up the left side of the kloof, up the trail which is in fact the end of the Cogman’s Kloof trail. This should have been my warning: I have hiked this trail before, and now I was going to run it!

After a long a long, murderous climb which involved much cursing (some directed at the leaders who were actually RUNNING most of the climb!) and some scrabbling on all fours, we finally summited, where we were treated to some of the areas fine Muscadel at the watering point!

From here it was an insanely steep descent down to the valley below which then led to the river valley. We followed the river valley back toward Montagu, before heading slowly up the long climb on the panorama trail on the slopes above the town. The trail then joined went down into the kloof on the same route as we cam up, and followed the Badkloof back to the finish line.

I did a respectable 1hr54min, and finished in 13th position (official results on

An absolute bonus to all entrants was FREE entry to the Avalon Springs: what an excellent way to soak those aching muscles! I really enjoyed relaxing in the warm water and having the opportunity to meet some of the faces that have become familiar to me on the trail running scene.

More info on the official Montagu site…

My weekend base in Montagu as always was my firm favorite, De Bos. It was very quiet over the weekend, and I took the opportunity to explore the farm and the surrounding area.


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