David Fox finishing IronMan South Africa 2012

A busy month, dominated almost entirely by my trip to Port Elizabeth to race IronMan South Africa.


So final preparation for the Big One saw me doing all kinds of odd things, like sleeping with my Garmin Forerunner 910XT complete with the heart-rate monitor on to get an accurate resting heart rate. I guess that’s what you get when you combine the geek and the triathlete in me.

The Easter long weekend saw some truly magnificent windy, rainy winter weather. I managed some cycling and running, but was too much of a wimp to go and swim at Silvermine as the water drops a few degrees when it rains. At least that’s what I am told.

And of course, the big event saw me claim the title of IronMan! Yes, on 22 April 2012 I completed IronMan South Africa: what an epic adventure!

David Fox finishing IronMan South Africa 2012


Nursery Buttress from Rycroft Gate, Kirstenbosch Gardens
Nursery Buttress from Rycroft Gate

I am really missing time on the mountain, and can’t wait to be hiking and trail running again. I did take a little jaunt up Agatha’s Gully on a rainy Sunday afternoon, finding a slight variation (OK, I got lost) on the route, and a peaceful, misty, silent place to enjoy a mug of steaming tea out of the cold and rain. As a result of this hike, where I got soggy, cold feet, I bought a pair of Merrell Perimeter Gore-Tex boots and took them for a test-run up Nursery Ravine the following weekend.

I finally got my act together and renewed my MCSA membership. I also popped by the clubhouse to collect my key for the huts, and can’t wait to go and visit the various properties — some great adventures ahead!

Trail Running

Despite the fact that it took place the weekend following IronMan, I couldn’t bear the thought of missing the third Stanley’s Mountain Run (I competed in and loved the first two), so I made a road trip once again to Ladismith for this epic event. I have not been on trail for some months now as I did not want to risk injury, so I was super excited to be back on the dirt!

We also headed out to Dirtopia to run amongst the vineyards of Delvera Estate. Sometimes I have to remind myself that ultimately, I do this for fun…

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