Another mountain biker mugged near King’s Blockhouse on Table Mountain, January 2013

Details of another mugging on Table Mountain on the slopes of  Devil’s Peak near to the King’s Blockhouse on 07 January 2013. I will keep this updated as the details become available.

The victim reported the mugging on “I was coming down from the block house at about 2pm and 2 black men jumped out of a bush and kicked me off my bike. 1 guy choked me while the other got hold of my bike and phone. They threatened to kill me but I managed to get away after a struggle. Please guys be on the lookout for any suspicious looking guys wanting to sell a mountain bike its a Scott Scale 60 and its grey/black/white. And also be safe out there and be vigilant when cycling. Try to cycle in groups and not alone.”

Thank you to the victim for sharing this news. Once again, it appears that the authorities are not concerned with the safety of mountain users as they have failed to make us aware of the real situation with regards violent crime in the Table Mountain National Park.

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