Anchor Tent pegs

I keep a good supply of these on hand for penning down my tent’s guy ropes.

Anchor Tent Pegs
Anchor Tent Pegs

Straight pegs are far more likely to get pulled out in strong wind, whilst the design of these pegs makes them far more secure. I use these for my K-Way Panorama Tent and for the guy ropes of my Natural Instincts Easy Pitch Deluxe Gazebo.


  • do not store your tent pegs in the same bag as your tent — the sharp metal rubbing against the tent fabric may result in holes: I invested in this handy Camp Cover Tent Peg Bag
  • it’s worth having a mallet at hand to drive tent pegs into the ground rather than searching for a rock
  • hook a free tent peg into a tent peg you are trying to pull out of the ground for extra leverage

R29.95 (set of 5) @ Sportsmans Warehouse

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