Africa Hut at Beaverlac is a small bungalow on the Ratel River. It has the absolute minimum of facilities.

Old Africa Hut, Beaverlac
Old Africa Hut, Beaverlac

Africa is 6km from the main Beaverlac campsite. On our last trip to Beaverlac, we took a walk down to the site to check it out for future use. The original structure over the water’s edge must have been absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, it appears to have been damaged by floodwater and has not been repaired. Instead, a new bungalow has been built on higher ground back from the river. The old building is actually pretty dangerous, so please be careful if you do venture into it, or onto the deck. I know of one horror story from a couple who stayed there where one of them went sleep-walking off the edge of the deck during the night and ended up with a punctured lung.

Ratel River at Africa, Beaverlac
Ratel River at Africa, Beaverlac

You need to supply everything (bedding, braai grids etc), as the bungalow is sparsely equipped with only 4 single beds & table and chairs. Be warned: there is only a porta-loo toilet! It has never really appealed to me, as quite frankly I expect that camping is more comfortable than staying here, and it’s very secluded, so only viable and fun if you can get a gang together to join you. You also need a 4×4 to get down the road.

The pay-off for staying in this sparsely equipped accommodation is privacy, & some of the best swimming holes in the area all to yourself!

R220.00 for 4 people per night.

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