Adventure Walks and Scrambles in the Cape Peninsula

Karen Watkins “Adventure Walks and Scrambles in the Cape Peninsula” covers 30 routes on the Cape Peninsula; mostly lesser known routes, and most contain an element of scrambling.

Adventure Walks and Scrambles in the Cape Peninsula

I originally bought it as it describes the spectacular Right Face — Arrow Face Traverse on Table Mountain. To be honest, on the first attempt at this particular route, we lost the trail, despite having this book and Mike Lundy’s “Best Walks in the Cape Peninsula” with us! At the critical point to the Yellowstone Gully descent, the book is rather vague in it’s description.

On my second attempt, armed with not only both books but Slingsby’s map of Table Mountain as well, I managed to find my way.

Another route I had a problem with was Ledges, and I am afraid to say that I think it is irresponsible — irrespective of any warnings given of difficulty — to include a route like this in a book of this nature. The Ledges area is extremely dangerous, and poorly marked. We found cairns all over the show, leading to some areas of serious climbing. Luckily, we made the right choices, and turned back each time we felt uncertain or uneasy. The book does not provide nearly enough detail, and the map is nowhere near detailed enough to be of any use.

I have done some of the other routes, like Agatha’s Gully, and Hole-in-the-Wall, with no problems.

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Adventure Hikes in the Cape Peninsula by Karen Watkins

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